“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!”jjk Romans 11:33


Hello there!

I’m Matt, and this blog exists to search the unsearchable riches of the Word of God.

My goal is to carefully work through this Word of God verse by verse and book by book in a way that exposes us to the truths being expressed within, that the gospel would be proclaimed, Christ glorified, and his people saved and built up into his fullness and maturity of faith.

So let’s reflect together upon the Scriptures. Let us be careful to hear God speak, and let his words set the agenda and course of our lives, that our lives might be transformed more and more into the glorious image of Christ.

To begin, choose a passage from the list on the right, and read away. Then, why not click ‘Subscribe me!’ on the top right to receive a regular part of the Word and a reflection on it sent straight to your email.

If you’re having trouble subscribing, or it’s just too confusing, click the “Subscribe Help” tab at the top of the page.

I hope you can join me, and I pray that my words would be God’s words so that this site might be a blessing and a service to your faith.

To him be the glory for ever. Amen. (Romans 11:36)



11 responses

4 10 2008
Manny C

Welcome to the bloggers club. Look forward to it.

6 10 2008

I just subscribed…

7 10 2008

hey matt this is awesome! and i love the smatterings of ur shutterings! i was reading ur quotes, and one from Piper i wanna ask about, how is the greatest gift loving ur wife LESS by loving God more?

8 10 2008

Thanks Rach,

For those interested in reading the whole poem;


It’s great.

12 10 2008

Hey Matt,

Loving your posts… keep it up!


14 10 2008
Victor Trevena

The first thing that came to me upon seeing this site was that long, loud & low whistle of wonder that people usually exhibit upon casting their eyes across the Pyramids at Giza or somebody chugging down twenty-three cans of SARS in 5min or other things of the sort. I’m really impressed matt. I also looked at your photos. Woah. I saw this awesome painting which must have used that photo as a base because it had the same colours and everything. I was tempted to buy it at the time.

Looking forward to the first email.

14 10 2008
Victor Trevena

I mean the photo around Tomaree Headland. Its a nice place. We go every year half across the bay at Hawk’s Nest and the other half at Shaol Bay.

14 10 2008

This is really great Matt, thanks.

28 10 2008
Ian Lawson

Hey Matt,

In preparing for my Colossians 4 talk at 7.15 this week, I’ve been convicted of my need to be more steadfast in prayer, and to be watchful in it with thanksgiving (Col 4:2). I’m thankful to God for you for setting this up, to allow me to do just that! Looking forward to getting the emails and prayer points. And I love that wordle function too…that’s cool.

3 09 2009
Victor Trevena

Woo cha! Keep it going Matt, I never really understood these trickier sections of Romans before your blog.
I’m nearly through all the historical books in the Old Testament. It makes everything in the New Testament so much more clearer! I suppose an example of that recently was when you preached on Revelation about Jezebel, because I had read about her only recently! I’ve been mulling over authentic Christianity vs acceptance Christianity ever since. See ya Fri! Keep on chugging, the day is drawing nearer. XD

9 02 2010

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